[esp-r] Re: Exporting ESP-r models to E+ .idf files

Jon Hand jon at esru.strath.ac.uk
Wed Feb 4 10:54:58 GMT 2015

ESP-r exports models to a slightly older version of IDF files (you would have to use the E+ utilities
to uprate the IDF files.

What is exported are:
a) materials
b) constructions
c) zone geometry and surfaces with attributes of construction and boundary conditions
d) schedules for zone operations - occupants, lights, equipment
e) as far as I remember ESP-r ideal controls are approximated as simple heating or cooling devices 

Air flow networks and plant networks are not exported.  Weather data links would need to
be altered to point to an EPW file.

You must design the ESP-r model to reflect the needs of E+ - e.g. ESP-r is happy to have
a surface which is fully glazed while E+ wants glazing to be a child surface.

In general, an exported model should load cleanly into E+ and should run.  You
will need to sort out controls.

-Jon Hand
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Dear List,

A few days ago I had my first interaction with EnergyPlus (E+) only to realise that there is no default GUI or project manager. I noticed that ESP-r can export models to .idf files readable by E+. Where can I find more information on the subject?

Are there any limitations during that conversion (are airflow networks, plant networks, shading etc. converted)?
Can ESP-r be used as a stable .idf file generator or should I look into other tools designed specifically to generate E+ input files?

Thanks for the continuous support.

Kind regards,

Dimitrios Sfakianakis MEng
PhD Candidate, Dept. Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering, University of Strathclyde
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