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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
aca-heads All University Academic Heads of Department
all-staff All University of Strathclyde staff
all-staff-aca All University of Strathclyde Professional staff
all-students All University of Strathclyde students
all-students-ja All University of Strathclyde students at the John Anderson campus
alumni-updates Announcements and monthly newsletter updates on alumni activity
announce Announcements of system and network changes, downtime etc
bus-faculty All Faculty of Business staff
bus-faculty-aca All Faculty of Business academic staff
bus-itstaff Faculty of Business IT Staff
chemistry-chemedgroup Strathclyde Chemical Education Group
Christian-Union Strathclyde Christian Union Mailing List
classreps Class/Course representatives
collins-events Collins Gallery events announcements
compstaff Discussions list for departmental computing officers
ddi-users Chat list for IPAM, DNS and DHCP support staff
devforum Announcements and information for the Developer's Forum
directors Directors
edu-enh-directorate All Education Enhancement Directorate staff
energy-theme-assetmanagement Announcements and discussion of events and opportunities related to the asset management and condition monitoring sub theme in energy
eng-faculty All Faculty of Engineering staff
eng-faculty-aca All Faculty of Engineering academic staff
ewb-members Engineers Without Borders Strathclyde branch members
fencing Strathclyde University Fencing Club
freenix-admin Use and admin of open source Unix systems
glamm-announce GlaMM (Glasgow Multiscale Modelling) group announcements list
glamm-discuss GlaMM (Glasgow Multiscale Modelling) group discussions list
hass-faculty All Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences staff
hass-faculty-aca All Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences academic staff
hass-faculty-support All Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences support staff
hssrc-announce Announcements for tenders on HSSRC framework
ipv6-dev ipv6 development
lammps-discuss LAMMPS users in Glasgow area discussion list
lombc Laich O'Menteith Boat Club
mac-users Chat list for users of Apple Mac devices at the University
mail-admin Strathclyde mail administrators
me-space Advanced Space Concepts Lab
myplace-announce Myplace announcements mailing list
naome-events-announce Events announcements for Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean, and Marine Engineering
ops-staff All University of Strathclyde operations staff
pg-bus Faculty of Business postgraduate students
pg-eng Faculty of Engineering postgraduate students
pg-hass Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences postgraduate students
pg-international All University of Strathclyde international postgrad students
pg-sci Faculty of Science postgraduate students
pg-students All University of Strathclyde postgrad students
pgi-pte University of Strathclyde Postgrad Taught Experience survey
pgi-students All University of Strathclyde postgrad instructional students
pgr-students All University of Strathclyde postgrad research students
polska General discussion list for Polish interest at Strathclyde
press-update Updates from the Press Office
professors All University of Strathclyde professors
resnet-announce System announcements for student residences
rse-announce Announcements about events organized by the Research Software Engineer community
rse-discuss Discussions of the Research Software Engineer community
rse-help Get advice and support from the Research Software Engineer community
scholarships-update Updates regarding Scholarships
sci-faculty All Faculty of Science staff
sci-faculty-aca All Faculty of Science academic staff
sern-announce Announcements of events for members of SERN
sircc-info For SIRCC-related information and updates
SO Senior Officers
sp-gender-subtheme-announce Announcements for Gender subtheme of Society & Policy Strategic Research Theme
spe Strathclyde chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers
stardust-announce Announcements for H2020 ETN Stardust-R
strathml-discuss discussion of machine learning activities at Strathclyde
StrathSurf Strathsurf list
stud-exp-directorate All Student Experience Directorate staff
subc Strathclyde University Boat Club
sustainable-strathclyde-announce Announcements regarding sustainability events, etc
systems-biology seminars, workshops etc. on systems biology at the
technical-staff All Technical staff
timetabling-update Updates from the Coordinated Timetabling Project Board
ug-bus University of Strathclyde Business School undergraduates
ug-eng University of Strathclyde Faculty of Engineering undergraduates
ug-hass University of Strathclyde Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences undergraduates
ug-international All University of Strathclyde international undergrad students
ug-sci University of Strathclyde Faculty of Science undergraduates
ug-year1 University of Strathclyde year 1 undergraduates
ug-year2 University of Strathclyde year 2 undergraduates
ug-year3 University of Strathclyde year 3 undergraduates
ug-year4 University of Strathclyde year 4 undergraduates
ug-year5 University of Strathclyde year 5+ undergraduates
unix-admin Unix-admin
ussa-vegan-discuss Strathclyde Vegan Society discussion list
webproject-chat webproject-chat list

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